Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bachelorette Party Atlantic City

The Savage Men were all hot with gorgeous bodies. I didn't expect to like it, but it blew me away. We went to see the Savage Men in Atlantic City at the Show Boat casino to celebrate my first Bachelorette Party Atlantic City. It's a little embarrassing to admit how much fun it was once you got over the sober factor. With each new skit, it was like, so how long do we have to wait for the men to take off their clothes, and in what manner will they take them off? We heard about this show through a friend who had her bachelorette party Atlantic City and she said it was a really fun experience. So we went to there web site at www.savagemen.com to have a look for ourselves. So getting back to the show .Will they take it all off - facing away from the stage? Will they throw their torn shirts into the audience? It is totally raunchy, the girls who get pulled up on stage better be ready to be gyrated upon, groped inappropriately, and perhaps (for the lucky three) to see full frontal. Hot, have fun girls. Be careful for other women nearby throwing themselves at the men when they come out in the audience and spilling their drinks all over the floor. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, and Hero both got my heart racing! They really put on a nice production I guess because of the casino factor. The nicest part of this whole bachelorette party Atlantic City was that we never had to leave the casino. I also did my due diligence before we came and found a site that made my final decision called www.male-reviews.com.This is a fun bachelorette party in Atlantic City you can have. And I was sober the whole time! We then loved the aspect of being able to get a bite to eat at the House of Blues restaurant which was literally fifty feet away from the entrance to where the show was being held .Then after we got a bite another one of my favorite parts of this bachelorette party in Atlantic City. We were a bit to gamble to the early morning. The bride still had her Vail on and people were going to breakfast .So ladies lets see a casino, the Savage Men Cover Model Male revue, great food and restaurants, gambling. What could be better! If you are planning a Bachelorette Party Atlantic City the Savage Men show is the ticket. I went to see the Savage Men Cover Model male revue strippers show at Show Boat Casino in Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago for a girlfriend's Bachelorette Party Atlantic City. Savage Men bills itself as an "upscale male strip show". I wasn't sure what to expect. I know it’s the only Male strip show in the tri state area in a actual casino. I had only seen one male stripper before, during college, and the guy was not cute and he was quite cheesy and not a good dancer at all .When we first checked in we asked the receptionist about the show and he said all the girls celebrate there bachelorette party Atlantic City with the Savage Men. Then we proceeded to our room to go online. We went online to www.savagemen.com and actually seen footage and gotten idea on what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to have a good time. The waiters are attractive men who walk around shirtless, in tuxedo pants, muscular torsos on display for all to enjoy. They happily interact with the patrons, sitting on laps and giving spontaneous rub downs. The performers did a really good job. As one of the girls described it, watching them is almost like watching, "a dirty boy band" perform. They've got choreographed acts and they lip sync, they just happen to also strip and are in incredibly good shape. The women at the club were rabid. There was screaming, yelling, clamors for private lap dances, and bills flying everywhere. And unlike female strip clubs, the women are actually encouraged to touch the male strippers as often and frequently as possible. It was quite the memorable event. I was particularly enamored with one dancer, Jayson who kind of reminded me of a real surfer type guy. The man was hot...and quite popular with the ladies based on the immediate raise in decibel level whenever he was on stage. He definitely knows how to work a crowd. Savage Men Cover Model male revue at The Show Boat Casino is quite the experience. We had originally looked up this show at www.male-reviews .com I'd recommend it for a fun night out with friends or for an amazing Bachelorette Party Atlantic City. To me my best friends bachelorette party meant the world to me that everything went well and that she had a blast. I think I accomplished all those things and more. So I would personally like to thank the Show Boat Casino as well as The Savage Men for making my best friends bachelorette party a night that we all never will forget.